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How to Roast Beets


Slow roasted beets are so simple to make, are very tasty, and last for a few days in the fridge, so make a few extra.

First get some medium sized beets, cut off the tops. The tops are great to use in any dish you would use greens for. Wash the beets well, rub a little oil on the skin, wrap them in tin foil and roast at 375 degrees until tender and easily pierced (about 40-60 minutes).

Immediately throw the beets into cold water (this creates steam between the beet and its skin) and with your hands slip the skin right off. Use the beets for our beautiful beet humus, or slice and stack with goat cheese, a drizzle of Balsamic, some good olive oil and toasted walnuts, or make an all red salad with diced beets, red oak salad leaves, red endive, pomegranate seeds and grapes. Toss with a Balsamic dressing.


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