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A Spring Picnic


How about a spring picnic in the park? If it is far to the park, have the picnic on a roof. Can’t go to the beach? Bring the beach to your patio. Fill a tub with water and beach toys. Stick an umbrella in a bucket of sand, and put on your best beach hat. Or, if it rains, bring the picnic inside. No matter where you have the picnic, it will be memorable because you are on a new adventure together.

How to assemble the picnic:

* One tasty store bought roasted chicken cut into pieces
* A batch of Colorful Caprese Skewers
* Lemony Peasto Farfalle with peas, celery and feta cheese
* A light and simple green salad with the dressing on the side
* A crunchy baguette to be torn into chunks and shared
* A few good cheeses
* A jar of olives
* A crock of whole grain mustard, maybe some aioli too
* Grapes and seasonal fruit
* Perhaps some cookies or a nice pound cake as well
* And don’t forget to bring beverages!

Tip: The night before, fill freezable bottles 3/4 full with water, slip in some mint sprigs and lemon slices and freeze. Now you have both a cold picnic basket and cool water to drink.

Green Tip: Wrap your cheese in the natural brown wax paper sandwich bags, good for the cheese, good for the eye, and good for the earth.

Tip: Pack each dish with the serving utensils already tucked inside.

Tip: Glass canning jars are great for lots of things, like making and transporting dressings in, bringing and serving cold soups in, as casual sturdy picnic glasses and for storing leftovers in.




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  1. These are great tips, Kirstin! You may also want to use your plates from home instead of those plastic or disposable utensils so you will be obligated to bring home the mess. Potato dishes are good for everyone as it is packed with carbohydrates which you’ll need for the activities with the kids and, of course, salads for the ladies.

  2. Really nice knowledge and tips are shared by this post.Spring is best time to enjoy thr holidays and picnic.It great way to refresh mind and soul.

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