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Passover: Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food


Today marks both Good Friday and the start of Passover, a rare calendar convergence for the religious holidays. For those of you celebrating Passover, our friend Sarah Newman of Neesh Noosh has written a post with tips for “liberating” yourself from industrial food for your seder and throughout the year:

“Our nation is enslaved to an industrial food system that is making us sick and fat. … Eating is a religious act. These foods do not reflect Jewish values of humane treatment of animals, workers rights, protecting the environment and human health. This Passover, we can liberate ourselves from this system by supporting farmers that grow food more sustainably.”

Among her useful tips are:

* Choose “happy chicken eggs,” eggs from chickens that are raised humanely.

* Select wines that are organic.

* Choose ocean-friendly fish.

* Opt for vegetarian selections or choose sustainably-raised meat.

Read “Passover: Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food” at Neesh Noosh for all of her great Passover suggestions.


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