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Menu Book and Shopping Lists


I like menu writing and grocery shopping. For me it is like picking paints for a painting, but better because it also becomes sculpture, nurturing and tasty. I don’t like wasting my time though, so I have a certain way of writing my shopping list so I only hit each grocery store aisle once.

I have a book just for my menus and shopping lists. It is red so it is easier to find. Inside it says “If lost, please return in exchange for good Karma.” I lose it often and usually get it back.

On the left side of each page I write the menu, and sometimes draw a little illustration of the finished plate at the bottom, mostly just to make myself happy, but sometimes it helps me see that I am missing a dish or garnish (more often I notice I have too much).

The right side I split into 3 columns, where I write down the ingredients I need in accordance to where in the store they are, grouping produce together (trying to keep the herbs with herbs, fruit with fruit), then a list of dairy, then dry goods and so on.

If there is a recipe I need on hand, I jot it down at the bottom of the page.

Finally after dinner I will often add a note, or happily drawn stars or a big X across the page. I might also note if there was a guest that had a favorite dish or an allergy I was not aware of.

This might be an extra step but it can all be done in less time that it takes to run from the cheese man to get the cheddar, back to the potatoes, down to the coffee and shoot… back to the cheese man for the Parmesan.


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  1. Romcaz says:

    i love this tip and your lovely illustrations that go with it. thanks for sharing!

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