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Tea for Thought


Here is the recipe for a soothing herbal tea, perfect for sipping after dinner, encouraging your family and friends to linger around the table for just a moment longer. This makes a big batch so you can give a jar to friends and family.

You can find the herbs in a well stocked health food market, or if you are lucky to have a garden you can grow and dry them yourself!

You Need:

4 tablespoons dried lavender blossoms (for happiness)
2 cups dried mint leaves (for grace)
2 cups dried chamomile (for peace)
2 tablespoons fennel seeds (for health)
1/2 cup dried rose petals (for beauty)

To Make:

Toss all the ingredients together and pour into the jelly jars (fills eight 6-ounce glass jelly jars).

Put a label on the jar, and if you like, wrap in cheese cloth, attach a tea strainer, a few fresh herbs… and give with love.

To make the tea steep 1 tablespoon tea per cup of hot water for 5 minutes.


Our friend Holly Bellebuono, good witch and herbalist of Martha’s Vineyard, gave us this tip for ending the day peacefully:

“After a tiring or stressful day, I like to give my kids catnip tea. I know what you’re thinking: catnip makes cats hyper! And it does. But catnip (Nepeta Cateria) has the opposite effect on people, actually calming our central nervous systems and helping us feel relaxed. It’s a member of the mint family, which means it grows like mad, and it’s easy to harvest, so my kids spend a few calming moments in the garden picking catnip leaves, then I chop them up (the leaves, not the kids) and brew them for 10-15 minutes. Add honey and it’s a sweet, flowery and delicious tea, wonderful as a calming tea before bed.”



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