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Time Saver Tips


Here are some time saver tips to make cooking your family dinner a little more efficient:

Spouted olive oil:: Buy a big jug of olive oil, since you will be using daily it to sauté with. Fill a recycled glass bottle with the olive oil and top it with a pourable spout. Keep it next to the stove so you can easily grab it whenever you need a drizzle.

Little Spoons: Keep a little cup filled with tiny spoons (espresso spoons, baby spoons, strange little spoons you don’t know where they came from) next to the stove at all times, they will save you time digging for a tea spoon. Perfect for tasting reasonable amounts (no need to drain the whole pot with a big spoon), or when you need to add just a pinch of something.

Salt: Instead of rummaging around in your spice drawer each time you need salt, have a little bowl of salt out, ready to grab whenever you need it. Kosher salt is great because it is easy to take pinches of without it falling through your fingers. But if you have other favorites, like smoked salt or beautiful sea salt crystals, keep them nearby in little bowls as well.

Condiment Conundrum: Tired of standing with your head in the fridge hunting for the mustard? Keep all your condiments on a pretty tray in the fridge. At lunch or dinner when you need them, pull the tray out with a quick swoop, and when you are done just slide the tray back into the fridge.



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