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Fish Choices for Kids


A lot of kids (and parents too) don’t like to eat fish that tastes too “fishy.” First of all, the fresher the fish the less fishy it will taste, so that means that sometimes you are better off buying fish that was flash frozen on the ship and defrosting it yourself (not the kind your supermarket defrosted for you, you never know how long ago that was, so request it still frozen.)

The rule of thumb is white fish = mild taste. Black cod, mahi mahi, white fish, tilapia, flounder (Pacific sole, California halibut), sand dabs, snapper. Unfortunately everyone likes these fish, sometimes to the detriment of the fish population, so check in with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program (click here for their recommendations) to make sure your choices are good ones.

Once your children are ready to try salmon, do try our “Soy Good Salmon”. It is sweet and savory, easy and so good. My favorite way to turn non fish eaters into happy fish eaters.


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