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Congressman Tim Ryan on Eating Better


Congressman Tim Ryan recently published The Real Food Revolution, about the return of the American family farm and how to eat healthier.

In an excerpt from the new book posted at Mind Body Green, Congressman Ryan offers tips for how we can start eating better now.

Good nutrition starts right at home: Take a look in your cupboards, fridge, and freezer. If you’ve now become an expert in label reading, this step will be a snap, but even if you didn’t you’ll be able to improve your food supply. Really read the ingredients on the foods you most commonly buy. If you want to make a dramatic shift, throw out anything that has fake, unpronounceable ingredients in it. If you’re looking for more gradual change, find a couple of processed foods that you can do without. Make it a goal to replace those things with fresh, healthy, whole foods. Remember, you vote with your dollars at the supermarket.

For more tips from Congressman Ryan’s new book, visit Mind Body Green.


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