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Kids in the Kitchen

Children Cooking

It can sometimes take a little longer to cook with kids (and it can often get a little messy), but teaching your children to know their way around the kitchen brings great reward. Here are a couple of suggestions to make your time cooking with kids more successful:

* Let the kids help pick the menu. Start with simple recipes featuring ingredients they like.

* Have all the ingredients ready to go. It’s easier if all your ingredients and utensils are laid out on the counter, ready for use. If your kids are young, chop and measure ingredients in advance and set out in little bowls.

* Have fun. When cooking with kids, it helps if you create a festive mood. Put on some music. Wear fun hats or aprons. When you approach cooking as creative and fun-filled, your child won’t think of cooking as a boring chore.

Our friends at The Kids Cook Monday also have suggestions for Kitchen Tasks for Different Age Groups. Visit


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