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Pantry Suggestions


Here are a few suggestions for items to keep on hand in your pantry:

* With eggs, butter, a good Parmesan cheese and a bunch of lettuce you are never more than 15 minutes away from an omelet dinner… so French!

* With boxes of pasta, broccoli, garlic and lemons, you can whip up a pasta dish in a flash.

* Tomato sauce, and a few jars of whole tomatoes are always good to have on hand, as are a few cans of beans in any color with which you can make a quick bean soup or stew in no time.

*Onions and potatoes last so long in the fridge, as does a bunch of kale.

* A good extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on salads, and a simple olive oil for cooking with.

* A nice vinegar for vinaigrettes.

* Peanut butter for a quick snack with apples.

* Honey to sweeten your life everyday, and perhaps a small bar of good chocolate.

*Quinoa and brown rice, couscous, grits or polenta.

* A few cans of tuna; a frozen turkey sausage.

* Salt and pepper belong together, cumin and vanilla, cayenne and cinnamon too.

These are just a few suggestions. The sugar you borrow from the neighbors.


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