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Laurie Provides Tips to Your Teen


Nothing is affecting our children more than the food they are eating and the drinks they are drinking. As Laurie writes for Your Teen magazine:

“Our teens live in a world where everything is sugar coated and its not all that sweet. Sugar is everywhere. In granola bars, fruit yogurts, and store-bought smoothies. In Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Jamba Juice.

And ad campaigns target teens for a long list of sugary products. But here is the rub. Sugar is addictive and even toxic. It can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cancer. The American Heart Association recommends that teens have no more than five to eight teaspoons of sugar a day. Yet, many kids have exceeded that amount by breakfast because the processed foods have more sugar than anyone would ever add on their own. The reality is that if we haven’t cooked the food ourselves, we don’t really know what’s in it.”

Check out the full piece at Your Teen magazine.


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