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Last Minute Gift Idea: Cast Iron Skillet


This is a last second gift idea for your favorite cooks. It is a gift that lasts forever, never shatters or dulls. Children will inherit it with warm memories of favorite family dinners. It’s a fantastic kitchen tool, yet it won’t end up in a drawer with the egg separator and mushroom brush. It will be used often, going from the stove to the oven to the table with humble, yet solid grace. And that is because this kitchen item works! In these days where Teflon and its worrying fumes are looming, we can look back to the past for this beautiful replacement. And at $20, it is affordable too!

Of course I am talking about the regular ‘ol cast iron skillet. And every time the flame is turned up, the skillet put down, and the happy song of the sizzle is sung, your name my dear, will have sprung to mind.

There are many options, but this Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet is one of our favorites.


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