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World Food Day is October 16


October 16th is World Food Day, celebrating the day in 1945 when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded with a commitment to defeat hunger.

This year, gather in solidarity with people who grow the world’s food. Oxfam is encouraging you to host a World Food Day dinner to foster a conversation with your friends about where your food comes from, who cultivates it, and how you can take personal actions that will help protect farmers and farmland around the world.

Sign up with Oxfam to host a dinner and they’ll send you all the materials you need, including the world food day discussion guide to help inspire conversation and make your event a success.

Oxfam is also asking you to use your power as a consumer to change the way some of the world’s biggest food companies do business. As demand for sugar increases, so does the rush for land to grow it. Oxfam has found that companies that supply sugar to food and beverage giants are kicking poor farmers off their land and robbing them of their rights. But we can change this. Get the facts and take action at


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  1. Liz Carty says:

    Thanks Laurie for this great post! I will definitely host a World Food Day event and will use a recipe from your book at my dinner and get free materials from Oxfam!

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