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Parenting with Presence


Our friend Susan Stiffelman (parenting expert, educator, therapist and author) is hosting “Parenting with Presence,” a free online series of inspiring dialogues with renowned experts who will share practical insights, tools and techniques to help you raise happy, cooperative children without power struggles, tantrums, and negotiations.

Have you ever wished you could learn to remain cool, calm and connected throughout your parenting day, even in the midst of those difficult moments when your children are melting down or refusing to cooperate? What if you knew how to turn things around and restore a sense of peace and enjoyment-instead of sailing into a parenting “storm” filled with negotiations, power struggles, bribes and threats?

When you sign up for the Parenting with Presence series, you’ll receive a special guide (“How to Find Your Cool When You’ve Temporarily Lost It”) by Susan Stiffelman, featuring simple tips on dealing with power struggles.

“Parenting with Presence” participants include Marianne Williamson, Harville Hendrix, don Miguel Ruiz, Congressman Tim Ryan, Marci Shimoff, Alison Armstrong, John Gray, Trudy Goodman, Kathy Eldon, Gabriel Nossovitch, Gary Zukav, Michael Beckwith, Elisha and Stefanie Goldstein, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Lisa Garr, Shelly Lefkoe, Christine Carter, and Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Get all the details and sign up here:


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