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Fun Serving Ideas

Strawberry and chocolate dessert

An idea for dinner tonight: Open up your cabinets, look at the dishes and serving pieces you have and use them in new and fun ways.

* Pour soup into teacups.

* Serve pudding from a big soup terrine.

* Present your sandwiches or pizza on a big wooden cutting board.  

* Instead of putting your dinner in lots of bowls, how about arranging it all on one big platter?  (That cuts down on the number of dishes you have to do too!)  

* Try putting desserts in wineglasses (little parfaits look great like that!).

* Try wine in short juice glasses, hot chocolate in small bowls and lemonade in mini mason jars!


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  1. So many fun ideas, Kristin! My kids love serving up our healthy foods in fun ways. I have a collection of old teacups,  mismatched and full of personality :) My kids love digging through the cabinet, finding a treasure, and using it to serve up something tasty. Over the holidays, we served our favorite Butternut Squash Soup this way and it was such a welcome surprise at the table :) Thanks for encouraging us all to do this more often, it’s easy and fun!

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