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The Perfect Gift


Some of the best gifts I have been given are:

My mother taught me how to make sourdough bread from scratch.

My father taught me that every gravy needs a little sweetness added at the end.

Grandmother Nanna taught me the the secret to her meatballs was water.

Grandmother Gusty taught me that you NEVER scour the beautiful cast iron skillet (unfortunately for her, that lesson came after I had scraped half of the pan clean).

There is not a day when I don’t hear the voice of someone guiding me through a project. It can be in the kitchen, but it might also be when planting a seed, painting a wall or changing a tire. These are gifts I will have with me forever. They will travel lightly, will never wear out, and will always be what I reach for first when rummaging through life’s toolkit .

Therefore when you are looking for the perfect gift to give to the kids in your life, whether it’s a big kid going off to college, or a grandchild in need of a little special time, give them a gift they really need and will use the rest of their lives.

Show them how your grandmother rolled out a pie and share with them uncle Fred’s famous secret recipe.

Teach them how to make tomato sauce, salad dressing and an omelet, so they can always whip up a perfect dinner, quicker and cheaper than takeout.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to show them how to sew in a button, use a power drill and unclog a sink. It is nice to be independent, even when you don’t have to be.


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