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NYT: “Getting Children Friendly With Veggies”

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The New York Times last week shared a story about chefs and restauranteurs cooking with their children:

“Chefs try to inspire in their children a love of food, teaching them the joys of a summer-ripe tomato, an ear of corn, a spring roll with fresh herbs. But they don’t just feed their young; they also cook with them, an act of relaxation, learning and intimacy. It’s love over a stove.”

Elaine Louie’s Sprouts column — in which chefs, restaurateurs, cookbook authors and their children cook vegetables — will run monthly. Recipes will suggest how children can participate in the cooking.

We encourage you to make every effort to include your children in the process of making the family dinner. Not only will they learn vital skills, but it will give you all valuable time together to connect and share.

Read “Getting Children Friendly With Veggies” in the New York Times.


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