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Strawberries to Sweeten Summer


Summer’s almost here, and with it some great summer treats. Strawberries are the perfect summer fruit. They’re sweet, easy to snack on and full of essential nutrients. Just one cup of strawberries holds more than the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Strawberries also contain high levels of folic acid, potassium and dietary fiber – making them one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

With more than twenty varieties to choose from, you’ll find that strawberries range in taste from very sweet to somewhat tart. They were first grown in Europe in the early 18th century and are a descendant of rose plants. Today, the leading producer of strawberries is the United States, which cultivates over a million tons each year!

Strawberries are easy to incorporate into almost any meal thanks to their versatility. They’re the perfect complement to a light summer salad. Or use them as a garnish on ice cream. You can process them into preserves to enjoy long after the season is past.

And here are some suggestions from our friends at Meatless Monday: For an easy, healthy breakfast have a Berry-licious Parfait. Or try a Fresh Strawberry Freeze as the sun goes down. It’s the perfect way to cool off after a long hot summer day.


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