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Green Tip: Quick Silver Polishing


Oh, please get out your heirlooms, set your table with grandma’s silver as often as you can, it is beautiful and more importantly it is full of stories, a tangible cue for you to tell your kids about their ancestors, where they came from, how they came, lived and why.

If you are worried about polishing the silver with that icky stuff that makes your hands squeak, here is a green solution, a recipe to clean your silver quickly so you can get it on the table and start telling stories:

Line a bowl, or sink large enough to immerse the silver in with aluminum foil.

Boil enough water to fill the bowl.

Place the tarnished silver on top of the foil, and sprinkle with about 1 cup of baking soda per gallon of water.

Pour the hot water in so it completely covers the silver.

Allow the silver to soak until the tarnish begins to disappear off the piece.

You will start to smell sulfur, that is the smell of successful tarnish removing. Sulfur is what makes your silver black.

Rinse the silver off in fresh water when you are pleased with the polish.

Buff with a soft cloth. Or repeat with more boiling water and baking soda if you, like I, have been tardy removing tarnish in the past few years.

WARNING: All oxidation will be removed when using this process, so if you love the patina needed to highlight intricate designs, or if you have old fancy silver you are bringing to the Antiques Roadshow, don’t use this method.


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