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A Toast for Valentine’s Day


This week we will be posting a few ideas for Valentine’s Day… or any day.

This Valentine’s Day, let your kids make their own fancy kid’s drink, which is sort of like cooking — lots of flavor mixing, potion making and taste tasting.

Put out sparkling water or apple juice, some citrus to squeeze, a little fresh fruit juice, ice cubes, perhaps some cut up fresh or frozen fruit, and how about some fresh herbs as well. Then invent new and fantastical drinks, one better than the next… and remember to give them a good name and write down the recipe.

Here’s my recipe for Ruby Red Razzle Dazzles, made from sparkling apple juice with a dash of pomegranate and frozen raspberries:

Ruby Red Razzle Dazzles

You need:

6 oz sparkling apple juice
1 ounce pomegranate juice
A couple of frozen raspberries
Heart-shaped ice cubes (optional)

To make one serving:

Mix as many servings as needed, pour into a pretty glass, toast to love.


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