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One of the loveliest things to do, is to sit in a girlfriend’s kitchen, drink tea, be served something delightful pulled from the oven, share the recipe, swap another. Chat about kitchen tools, heirloom teas and flatbread made from scratch. Laugh – a lot, complain – a little, pour some more tea, pour more water into the kettle, talk about yesterday and tomorrow, until suddenly the sun is setting after a perfect day.

That is the place Jo Packham’s beautiful, personal magazine Where Women Cook takes you. Open her magazine and you get to sit inside the kitchens of women from all over the country, share recipes, memories and kitchen tips.

We love Jo’s magazine, so you can imagine how thrilled we are to invite you to join Laurie in the March 2012 issue for a cup of tea as she shares her passion for food, the two epiphanies that have helped transform her life, her unconditional and abiding love of family dinners and a few of her favorite recipes.

In preparation for the March issue, Jo spent a beautiful light filled day a few months ago with Laurie. They picked fresh kale from the vegetable garden, laughed over cooking mishaps at the stove and, finally, enjoyed a cozy, long lunch around the kitchen table, chatting about this, that and, of course, family dinners.

Although Jo and Laurie had never met before, they became fast friends and, by the end of the day, old, dear friends. Their connection was forged over laughter, a mutual love of food and gratitude for the power of food to bring two strangers together and help forge a friendship.

Jo is an absolute pleasure to be around. She inspires everyone with the vision, creativity and breadth of knowledge she dedicates to bringing women together through her work. This is why we are honored to share below Jo’s “From My Kitchen Table” from the February 2012 issue of Where Women Cook.

We are sure you also will be moved by the beautiful memories of her family dinners and we hope you will be as inspired by her encouragement to all of us to make sharing meals and creating our own special memories a priority as we were.

Jo Packham: “From My Kitchen Table” (PDF)


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