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Join Us Tuesday Nov. 8th to Support Common Threads

I went to a tiny school in Denmark during the 70’s. We all, boys and girls, had to take sewing classes. Oh how I hate, hated them, but I can (reluctantly) use a sewing machine and sew in a nice button. We took wood working classes, saws and electric drills are still my friends. But my favorite room was at the end of the linoleum floored hallway, through that door was the cooking class, complete with multiple sinks, gas burners and family dinner tables. We learned how to cook with eggs, make simple dinners (with lots of brown gravy), important cooking hygiene and how to clean the kitchen properly afterwards.

Learning how to cook at such an early age takes all the scariness out of it, and sets you up for a lifetime of being able to choose and make what you eat, instead of being forced to eat what others have sold to you. Kids don’t have Home Ec any longer, so unless family members are teaching them how, they are growing up without this very important life skill.

But more and more people are trying to change this, an amazing organization called Common Threads works to do this in Chicago, Washington DC, Miami and right here in my city, Los Angeles.

Common Threads teaches low-income kids to cook wholesome, affordable, healthy meals. Just imagine the repercussions this can have, kids getting excited about healthy food they have made themselves. It is empowering and guess what… it brings families home for dinner.

Common Threads will have their first fund-raiser at The London West Hollywood hotel in Los Angeles, next Tuesday Nov. 8th from 6pm-9pm. Music, a silent auction and 16 fancy chefs from 16 fancy restaurants will all be cooking for you because they also believe in this cause. Best of all, kids currently taking the classes will be assisting the chefs and sharing how Common Threads has impacted their lives.

I will be volunteering, please do come join us! Click here to download the full invitation with more details about the event.

Click here to purchase tickets to the Inaugural Los Angeles World Festival.

To learn more about Common Threads please visit

If you’re not in LA, check out the events in other cities as well.


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