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NYT: “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”


For those of you who haven’t seen this fantastic op-ed piece, “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” from Mark Bittman in yesterday’s New York Times, I encourage you not only to read it, but also to pass it on to your friends and family.  

Once again, Mark Bittman is the voice of reason, explaining why those McNuggets really aren’t cheaper than a home cooked meal.


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  1. Thank you for highlighting this article, Laurie.  It’s a great reminder to keep questioning why our relationship with food is the way it is, rather than simply accepting old (and maybe wrong) explanations.  I loved Bittman’s conclusion that we ought to view cooking and mealtimes as sources of joy and fun, rather than work.  That’s why the Family Dinner is such an inspiration, and why it’s worth actually thinking about how to make life fun.  Not only does it make life more enjoyable – it’s good for us!

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