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Quick & Easy DIY Baby Food

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Like most parents, when it came time to start my daughters on solids, I headed to the baby food aisle of the store and loaded up on little jars of pureed produce and boxes of rice cereal. Years later, I read ‘Feeding Baby Green’ by Healthy Child board member and pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, and learned that I had been duped.

There’s no such thing as baby food!

“Baby food,” Dr. Greene tells us, is a myth. Commercial baby food was an invention of 20th century food corporations, enforcing the theory that babies need meals separate from the fruits, vegetables and seasonings the rest of the family consume. Pointed and pervasive advertising convinced mothers that good baby food was scientific, uniform, twice boiled, and sold in jars.
Even worse, the rice cereal parents lovingly spoon into their little babes’ mouths is nutritionally similar to super-fine white flour. Dr. Greene says it’s no wonder that kids are hooked on junk food when their first food is akin to Wonder Bread!

Read the rest of this article at to learn how quick and easy it is to make your own baby food!

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  1. Glad to see someone exposing this myth. Preparing food for my 9 month-old is a snap compared to cooking for the rest of the family. Make a big batch and freeze the extras – cheaper, easier and far more delicious than what you can buy in a jar. 

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