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The Elephant in the Kitchen


One of the most powerful tools for curbing childhood obesity is teaching our children (and families) how to cook. Linda Novick O’Keefe, Founding Executive Director of Common Threads, an organization dedicated to educating children on the importance of nutrition, has written a great piece on the subject for The Huffington Post:

“I know the benefits cooking can have, because over the last eight years I have witnessed the way the simple act of cooking can transform children, their families and the way they live. … At Common Threads we teach our kids how to cook, share nutritional information to enable healthy choices, expose them to new foods and different cultures, and encourage them to practice their cooking skills at home with their families. I have seen first-hand the incredible impact these new skills and experiences can have on a child. The sense of awe when a child tries a new food… and loves it! The pride so many of our students have in making a delicious meal and the joy that comes with sitting down with their family to enjoy it. I’ve seen children realize the importance of math when doubling recipes and I’ve experienced the wonder when a child is opened to new cultures.”

Read the rest of “The Elephant in the Kitchen” at The Huffington Post.


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