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A Smoothie Taste Test


Summertime is all about lazy days and taking the time to do things that are harder to do during the year with school and schedules. Why not try this idea for snack time one sunny afternoon. Have a smoothie contest where everyone gets to make a smoothie with their favorite ingredients and then the whole family (and friends) do a taste test.

Activities like this promote so much: fun family time, good learning about healthy ingredients, kids in the kitchen and so much more. Plus, you get to try all sorts of fruity smoothiness!


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  1. Peacegurl1 says:

    those look soooooooooo yummy!!! and then you forgot to put up the recipe..i was sooooo looking to make it and alas, no recipe… sniffles….. lol i guess i will have to check my signed family dinner book…
    luv-not so shy dawn.. lol ;)

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