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The PekoPeko Cookbook — Japanese Cooking and Eating for Charity


Our friend Stacie at recently shared with us a new cookbook that she just published called “Peko Peko: Family-Friendly Japanese Recipes.” It’s gorgeous. This book is packed with beautiful photos and ~60 Japanese and Japanese-inspired recipes contributed by many the best food writers, bloggers and photographers. The book also has a thorough glossary of Japanese ingredients and recommends substitutions for the American home cook.  

But the best part about this cookbook? It was all done in the name of charity with the net proceeds of the book going directly to the GlobalGiving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. It seems just yesterday that the news of ~30,000 dead and missing in the wake of the Japan devastation was on every channel we turned to and every paper we opened. But just because we don’t hear about it everyday anymore, doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of suffering families out there. 

In addition to loving the charitable mission of this book, as you know, we also love the idea of bringing new cuisines to the family dinner table. With the variety of family friendly recipes in this book, you’ll easily find recipes that you can introduce and talk about at your table (Miso Shrimp with Peanut Dip, Green Beans with Sesame Dressing, a variety of Soba noodle dishes. . . anyone?) while helping a struggling family in Japan.

That’s a good book in our book.

For more information on the Peko-Peko Cookbook, check out: or


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