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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: “We’re Going to Go Guerilla”


It’s Kids Cook Monday — what better day to talk about Jamie Oliver and his most recent Food Revolution episode?  

In last Friday’s episode, Jamie taught a family headed by a single dad how decreasing their reliance on fast food and increasing their self sufficiency in the kitchen not only made for a healthier meal (and a faster and cheaper one, too!), but also brought this family closer together. The kids prepared the food and the whole family enjoyed it at the table together. As the school year draws to a close, try using some of the extra time you might have over the next few months having fun with the kids in the kitchen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Check out the latest episode of Jamie’s Food Revolution, as well as kitchen safety tips and recipes from Jamie Oliver.

And visit our friends at The Kids Cook Monday for great tips and recipes. Today’s recipe is a delicious Greek salad.

LINK » Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: “We’re Going to Go Guerilla” (full episode)

LINK » Tips from Jamie Oliver: “Get The Whole Family Cooking”




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