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Think Pink, Live Green


Last Saturday night I hosted, along with my good friend Nina Montee, a dinner party to celebrate the new partnership between Stonyfield and Dr. Marisa Weiss. Marisa is one of the leading breast cancer doctors in the country, and founder of She is also one of the very few people in the cancer world talking about how to lower our risks of getting the disease. Perhaps after twenty years of delivering bad news to women of all ages (breast cancer is the most common cancer in women), Marisa started to focus on how to keep women from coming to her office in the first place.

Two things I learned Saturday night. First, that a very small percentage of the women who get breast cancer get it because of genetics. Environmental factors represent a much larger percentage cause, which means that what we are eating, drinking, breathing, and applying to our bodies (in the form of makeup, shampoos, deodorant etc.) are increasing the risks.

Second, and this will be a shocker I am sure, BPA (that awful chemical found in hard plastics that is so dangerous for humans that China just banned it) is used to seal the ink on cash receipts!!!! So even though I am drinking water out of those great Lifefactory glass bottles, and eliminating most cans from my cupboard (yup, BPA is in the lining of most canned products), I am still coming into contact with this toxic chemical, without even knowing it, every time I am handed a receipt at the store. Surprised? I was. Mad as hell too.

It is true insanity that as a matter of routine, chemicals are allowed to be used for a wide range of products without ever being tested for their toxicity or health impacts. Are you sitting down? No joke, more than 80,000 chemicals are currently in use in the United States that have never been assessed for their safety on human health or the environment. Guess that’s why no one knows about those cash register receipts.

OK deep breath. Back to Saturday night. The other special guest was the indomitable visionary, Gary Hirschberg, founder of Stonyfield and an organic farming trailblazer. His company has joined forces with because, like everyone else, he is horrified by how common breast cancer and other types of cancer have become around his circle of loved ones. Since so much of the prevention has to do with what we are eating and drinking, there is no better partner to help spread the word about the importance of organics than Gary and Stonyfield.

So what is a gal to do? Download and Stonyfield’s new guide “Think Pink, Live Green: A Step-By-Step Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer.” Tell your girlfriends, your daughters, your family members. Buy and support organic food. Say goodbye to the plastic in your kitchen and the Teflon too. Drink water from glass. Learn more and pass it on. Think Pink, Live Green.

One last side note, at the dinner party we served Kirstin’s amazing quinoa cakes (click here for the recipe). To say they were a hit would be a gross understatement. If you haven’t made them yet, give them a try.

LINK » Think Pink, Live Green: A Step-By-Step Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

LINK » Los Angeles Times article on event



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