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Meatless Monday


The response to Laurie’s recent Huffington Post piece, “Today’s Food System: All Drugged Up,” regarding the amount of antibiotics in our meat has been tremendous (click here to read). With more than 20,000 instances of the article being “liked,” tweeted, shared, and emailed, it was one of the most popular blogs on The Huffington Post last week. Certainly, the idea of these antibiotics in the factory-farmed meat we eat is striking a terrifying chord with many people.

What better time then to think about Meatless Monday? Although the term is thrown around a lot these days, what exactly do we mean by “Meatless Monday”?  

Chris Elam, the Program Director of Meatless Monday, has written a piece at Civil Eats that does a superb job of explaining “Meatless Monday” (click here to read the article).

And, to inspire you for some of those meatless meals, whether on a Monday or an Anyday, check out this great list of 24 meatless recipes from Food52, as well as some of our own favorite meatless Family Dinner recipes:

Crispy Crunchy Quinoa Cakes
Apple and Brie Quesadillas with Mango Chutney
Angel Hair Pasta with Trees and Cheese
Speedy Pasta in a Pan



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  1. Cathy says:

    I applaud your efforts, but there’s not much point in forgoing meat if you’re going to eat milk products instead. The whole point is to cut down the animal over-population, which milk and cheese clearly doesn’t do!

    • Jb-dsfails says:

      Dairy cows, I believe, are productive for a period of several years, during which time they produce hundreds of pounds of milk products. Beef cattle are slaughtered after a very short life-span. Wouldn’t that work out to a few dairy cattle vs. many, many beef cattle?

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