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A Sweet Sweet Potato Story


Okay, sue me…I love my own book! And honestly, since I am constantly cooking from it, I fall in love with it over and over again, every single time. Take last night for example: I had two young kids, ages 7 & 8, my 16 year old daughter and my boyfriend to feed. I head to the kitchen around five wondering to myself what the heck am I going to make that will please everyone? I open THE BOOK…hmmm I haven’t done the “Sweet Potatoes with Quinoa and Greens” recipe on page 116 for a while. That’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser, no matter the age.  I have most of the ingredients, but I’m short three yams and some organic vegetable broth. 
Here is where the high of the day comes in. Oh, I can ask my driving teenager to go to the store and pick that up for me! So now we have a lovely learning moment. She calls from the store to ask about broth vs. stock, and which should she buy, yams or sweet potatoes, and what the heck is the difference (check out Kirstin’s explanation). And even though she walked in the house with her groceries in a plastic bag, she did have the good sense to acknowledge up front, that she knew it was unacceptable but she didn’t have any canvas bags with her. I will take it. To top it all off there were oohs and aahs as dinner was gobbled down by all! 

One more thing I learned from Kirstin tonight (thank you for answering my email!), if you want your grains to be chewier (as I do) then you cook them with the lid off. Who knew?!


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  1. Mustangfreedom says:

    Thanks you gave me an idea for tonight’s dinner.

  2. Pamlg1223 says:

    I love your book too!

  3. Gdasno says:

    what is the carb count in this recipe?

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