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A Special Guest for Dinner


Last night I invited a very special guest to dinner. It wasn’t a friend or a relative, it was the television!

Ok, before you start yelling, let me explain. With rare exceptions, like an election or a debate, the television has never been on during any meal ever in my house. That’s the beauty of it. TV during dinner is a novelty here and when used infrequently, can provide a wonderful teaching moment your kids weren’t expecting.

So last night, we set the coffee table in our den, lit a few candles, plated the food in the kitchen and brought our dishes in to cozy up on the couch. One reason why I did this is because I am finding, that as a mom of teens, I can’t really get my daughters to watch things I think are important or powerful. But it occurred to me yesterday that perhaps I could get them to watch something if I did it during our family dinner. It worked! The night’s feature was Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class interview with Maya Angelou…wow. Powerful, important, inspiring. We all watched, ate, lingered over dessert discussing the show. I even read them the short interview I did with Dr. Angelou for The Family Dinner book (somehow they had missed that in their careful reading of the book, she said sarcastically!).

All in all, a pretty great and memorable dinner.


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  1. What a great idea! I don’t have the OWN network–wish I did–but I believe in having the T.V. off during dinner, too. I will try this idea in the future.

    Also–>Love your book! I sent out our New Years letter stating your book is our “Family Life Textbook for 2011.” : )

    Thanks so much for writing this book!

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