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Story Games for Your Table


As we say, dinner is as much about the conversation as it is about healthy, delicious food. But it’s not always easy for families to open up and talk to each other. That’s where table games come in.

Remember, it’s not always necessary to have deep, revealing conversations with each other. Just talk, about anything, and have fun! Here are a couple of story game suggestions to get your table talking:

Once Upon a Time: Start a story out loud and go around the table adding to it. Decide in advance how many times you’ll go around the table. The last person finishes the story and gets to say loudly, “The End!” Focus on crafting an entertaining story together, or have fun by trying to trip up the next person with unique and creative details. And not all stories need to begin “Once upon a time…” Be creative. How about: “A dog barked in the distance…” or “It was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk…”

Telephone : An old stand-by. Start the game by whispering a multi-part story into one person’s ear. The more names, details and plot elements, the better. That person then whispers the story to the next person (at least what they can remember). The last person then tells the story out loud. It will likely be a much different and funnier story than the original.


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  1. Great ideas! We also like to play “association.” The youngest person at the table starts with a word. The next oldest at the table offers a word that they most associate with that word, and so on. Today my son said, “Green” and my daughter piped in with “Allergies!” Funny association, but it tells you something about how she’s feeling now that spring has sprung :)

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