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The Special Bowl of Treasures

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Try this for a week or a year, especially if your kids are the kind whose pockets are always spilling with found objects.

Place a bowl in the center of your table. As the week progresses and objects are found, either by chance or on special treasure seeking expeditions, the empty nests, and magical marbles, the rock that looks like uncle Bob’s nose, acorns, perfect pebbles and strange seeds, are all placed in the bowl. At the end of the week let each person explain what he or she has found, and why it is so special.

This not only gives you something to talk about, and perhaps a new appreciation of someone else’s finds, it also makes you look at your world in a different manner as you search for objects that are beautiful, odd or surprisingly meaningful.


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  2. Caryn says:

    I LOVE this idea!  We do Family Dinners and have three questions we discuss each night (two that pretty much always appear and a third one that always changes).  I think all three of our children would enjoy this…especially our 7 year-old son ALWAYS has a great stash of stuff in his pockets…

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