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Table Talk: What Would You Make With A 3D Printer?


Each week, The Huffington Post presents a compelling topic to spark discussion at your dinner table.

It’s already possible to print everything from homework to newspapers and movie tickets… on paper. But what if you could print actual objects: toys, clothes — even food?

It’s not such a crazy idea. In fact, with 3D printers, it’s becoming a reality.

One could even “print” an entire dinner — from plates and silverware to pizza, pasta and panna cotta — although it’s expensive and pretty time-consuming. With help from some experts, A.J. Jacobs tried it out, and wrote about the experience in the New York Times.

Tonight, let’s talk about how 3D printing can potentially be helpful to humans in the future, and whether we’d want to try it out ourselves.

Questions for discussion:

* Do you think 3D printers are a good thing?

* If you had one, what would you print?

* What problems do you think 3D printers will help solve?


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