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The “Do You Know?” Game

Old Pictures and Journal

Understanding one’s family history is important for a child to develop a strong identity and sense of well-being. Need help serving up family stories? Devised by Emory University’s Center on Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL), the “Do You Know” game will get the family narrative flowing!

Parents, toss a few of these questions out during dinner the next time your extended family is at the table or do it yourself and fill in the family history blanks for everyone. Savor the memories and stories. You can even assign “keepers of the legends” to family members for safe-keeping and passing-on. You will be amazed at what everyone thinks they know but doesn’t. You will be doubly amazed at how much your kids love learning about you.

* Do you know how your parents met?
* Do you know where your parents grew up?
* Do you know how your grandparents met?
* Do you know what was going on in the world when you were born?
* Do you know the source of your name?
* Do you know which person in your family you look most like? Act like?
* Do you know the nationality of your family (English, Russian, etc.)?
* When did the family emigrate to this country? How did they arrive?
* Do you know some of the jobs your parents had when they were young?
* Do you know some things that happened to your mom and dad when they were at school? What were their best subjects or their worst?


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