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The Name Change Game


Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting around the table, eating the delicious meal you just prepared and your best attempts to engage your kids are falling flat. Sound familiar? Few things are more discouraging then when “fine,” “yes,” and “no” have become the standard dinner table answers.

When you’ve hit the one-word answer limit, don’t give up – try a game!  They take the pressure off by switching the topic. Before you know it, even the most reticent teen will be relaxed, having fun and … talking!  

Tonight try this game, which is fun for all ages!

Name Change

Taking turns around the table, everyone says what they would call themselves if they could change their names today. Bonus round: Go around the table and let each person rename the person sitting next to them.


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  1. Erin says:

    Great idea!!  When reading the post, we thought, “WOW – that intro EXACTLY describes what inspired us to create Spark story starters!  (well, one word answers AND flinging peas!)  Thanks for sharing!

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