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Table Talk: Cutting Physical Education

School pupils taking part in a inter school indoor athletics event London UK

On Fridays, The Huffington Post presents a compelling topic to spark discussion at your dinner table.

A recent study of American physical education policy revealed some discouraging news: just six states are holding firm to the National Association of Sport and Physical Education’s recommended two and a half hours per week of phys ed in elementary school.

Among other startling statistics in the study: zero state policies meet the association’s recommendations for high school. And while the government has been trying to make kids’ school meals healthier, it seems gym class is still not a top priority for many schools.

Questions for discussion:

* Do you have gym class at your school?

* What kind of exercise do you do outside of school?

* Does exercise make you feel healthier?

* What activities can you do as a family to stay fit?

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