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Table Talk: New York City’s Proposed Soda Ban


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If you’ve traveled abroad, you might have noticed that portion sizes vary from country to country. In many places around the world, “large” sizes are roughly equal to what Americans consider “small.” (After all, we do live in the country that developed a coffee cup larger than the average human stomach.)

It looks like the days of massive beverages might be numbered, though — at least in New York City. Last week, New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, kicked off a major debate by suggesting a ban on the sale of large portions of soda and other unhealthy drinks. The ban isn’t final yet, but it only needs one more approval to go into effect.

How often do you drink soda? Do you ever drink more than 16 ounces at one time? Do you think the government should be able to limit food and drink sizes? Or is it our responsibility to make healthy choices on our own?

Visit The Huffington Post for more on the soda ban, and for additional Questions for Discussion to share with your kids at the dinner table.

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