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HuffPost Table Talk: How One Teenager Took A Stand For Change

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On Fridays, The Huffington Post presents a compelling topic to spark discussion at your dinner table.

Open a copy of almost any fashion magazine, and you’ll come face-to-face with beautiful men and women (or girls and boys) in trendy clothes. Chances are they don’t look a lot like you and your friends. Many people see these photos and feel bad about themselves, wondering: How can anybody look this perfect?

Maine teenager Julia Bluhm felt bad when she saw these pictures, too -– so she decided to fight back. She took a stand by writing a petition addressed to the editor of “Seventeen.”

Visit The Huffington Post for more on Julia Bluhm’s efforts to get magazines to publish realistic photos of young people, because as she comments, “Nobody’s Photoshopped in real life.” And be sure to share the Questions for Discussion with your kids at the dinner table.

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