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Moral Dilemmas


Discussing and debating moral dilemmas is a good way to teach your kids thinking skills and to get a read on where they stand on various issues. Of course, it’s also a perfect opportunity to insert some parental guidance on how to deal with tough decisions. As we all know, they’ll be faced with many of their own dilemmas in life, so as parents we want to prepare them to think critically, find their own voice, and determine the reason for their actions.

The dinner table is a great place to discuss moral dilemmas. Here are a few to try that should be appropriate with children of various ages:

• If you accept an invitation and a better offer comes along, is it okay to cancel the first one?

• If someone tells you a secret and you promise not to tell before hearing it, but it turns out that it could hurt another person, do you break your silence?

• If you get a good look at a woman with a young child stealing baby food from a grocery store, and then the police ask you for a description, do you give it?

Also, check out the weekly HuffPost Table Talk — a feature that’s found in the Parents section of The Huffington Post that’s done in conjunction with The Family Dinner. Many of our prior topics pose moral dilemmas that you might find good discussion for your table tonight.

And as always, please share with us what’s happening at your dinner table.


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