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I’m thrilled that my friend Arianna Huffington is adding a new section to The Huffington Post called HuffPost Parents. As a mother of two teenagers, I’m well aware of the daily chaos and challenges of raising children. The features, articles and posts in this new section will definitely be helpful to all of us as we undertake the various ups and downs of parenting.

Since the launch of “The Family Dinner” last November, the Huffington Post has presented a weekly feature called “Table Talk” (originally “The Dinner Download”) in which the editors of HuffPost and I summarize a newsworthy story of the week and pose thought-provoking questions about it that can be discussed with the whole family over dinner. Topics over the past 8 months have including everything from extreme weather to Osama Bin Laden to whether “OMG” should be in the dictionary. Conversation at a family dinner is often as challenging as making the meal itself, so we thought we’d provide some healthy fodder for discussion. 

Starting this week, “Table Talk” is moving from HuffPost Food to the new HuffPost Parents. It’s a perfect switch, because these topics are good for family discussion anywhere, at the table, in the car, in the classroom, on a walk, anywhere you are. If you’d like, you can even get these weekly posts delivered automatically into your email inbox. And be sure to check out the Table Talk archives. While some of the topics may be old news, the questions they provoke remain timely. 

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