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HuffPost Table Talk: LOL, OMG & The Dictionary

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Every Friday, the Huffington Post editors highlight one of the most compelling news stories of the week — a story to spark a lively discussion at your family dinner table.

This week, the esteemed Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced the inclusion of 1,900 new words to the pages of its 150 year-old publication. Among them are many modern-day expressions, or “initialisms” as the OED calls them — terms that have exploded in popular use due to their efficiency in expressing certain sentiments over email, online chats, text messaging, twitter, and anywhere else where speed and character limits may come into play. Some of the words tapped by the dictionary include “LOL”, “OMG,” “IMHO,” “TMI,” “BFF,” “FYI” and the heart symbol (♥).

Visit The Huffington Post for more on this week’s download, which deals with the evolution of language, and the appropriateness of including new expressions in the dictionary.



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