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Six Words at the Dinner Table


We love the Six Word Memoirs books compiled by the clever folks at Smith Magazine. These small paperbacks are filled with literally six word thoughts by writers famous and obscure. (There’s a teen version too which my daughters love.)

What a great exercise to capture your life or how you’re feeling in just six words. . . . Six words makes Twitter’s 140 characters look like a long novel!

Some examples:

• I fulfilled my awkwardness quota today. (Maggie A.)
• Dying to go to boarding school. (Sonia B.)
• From bar singer to Halloween costume. (Taylor Hicks)
• I lost, but I never cheated. (Joshua Pitkoff)
• Sent home. Baby born in bathtub. (Anita Hahn)
• Family night is secretly my favorite. (Lindsey D.)

(We all love that last one!)

Family dinner is a great time to use this book and concept to add some liveliness to your dinner. Take the napkins out of your old napkin holder, put in a copy of Six Word Memoirs and place it in the center of your table. This is such a fun book to read out loud, everyone will enjoy it and it will get a great conversation going. Then, get your individual family members thinking about what their six words would be and record them in the back of your hopefully well used copy of The Family Dinner. Do this once or twice a year. How great will it be to read them back a few years down the line.

Here are a few of our “six word memoirs” about family dinner:

• Meal burned. Oh well. We laughed.
• What’s for dinner? They ask again.
• What to make for dinner tonight?
• Made double dinner. Swapped with friend.
• Family dinner is an everyday opportunity.
• Thank goodness for frozen homecooked meal.
• Too tired to cook? Eat sandwiches.
• Oops. I left that ingredient out.
• Tell us your dinner thoughts please!

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  1. I’m sorry. What did you say?

  2. Lilo Campeau says:

    Four family members. Five food allergies.

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