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HuffPost Table Talk: Eating Better in America

Every Friday afternoon, the Huffington Post editors highlight one of the most compelling news stories of the week — stories that will spark a lively discussion among the whole family.

This week, Walmart joined the First Lady’s campaign to fight childhood obesity and announced a massive effort to make thousands of its products healthier by reducing their levels of salt, sugar and unhealthy fats and pushing its many suppliers to do the same. Visit The Huffington Post for more on this week’s download, which deals with the issue of childhood obesity.



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  1. Amy says:

    It’s wonderful that Walmart is lowering its prices on fruits and vegetables, but a few items to consider:
    1. where are these items grown, i.e. what chemicals and fertilizers have been used and how far have they had to travel, so what is the real nutritional value?
    2. if the government would stop subsidizing corn and soy, which we already have an abundance of, and subsidized fruits and vegetables instead, wouldn’t that encourage the farmers to grow them, and therefore naturally lower the prices? And
    3. lowering salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats in products already loaded with chemicals and modified items is pointless. Why not encourage the sale of real food instead of (cheap) food-like substances which contain hydrogenated, high fructose, or any number of other chemicals that our bodies were not desgined to digest?

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