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The HuffPost Family Dinner Table Talk


Great family dinners are about good, delicious food and great, lively conversation. With that goal in mind we are very excited to announce, in partnership with The Huffington Post, the launch of the HUFFPOST FAMILY DINNER TABLE TALK.

Every Friday afternoon by 5pm ET the HuffPost editors will feature one of the most compelling, family-friendly news stories of the week, asking fun and thoughtful questions to get the dinner discussion started. Our hope is that the Family Dinner Table Talks will help families connect as everyone shares their thoughts, feelings and opinions around the table.

Please visit the Huffington Post for the inaugural edition, inspired by Tuesday’s mid-term elections. Highlighting 2010′s turnout among young voters and how a few candidates handled their defeats, this week’s Family Dinner Table Talk features engaging questions that are sure to help spark an energetic exchange about the election – and much, much more.

We are thrilled to share these weekly conversation morsels with you and are eager to hear about your family’s dinner table talk!



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