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Publisher’s Weekly Q&A with Laurie David


Laurie sat down with Publisher’s Weekly for a Q&A on The Family Cooks, her new documentary film Fed Up, and the ways parents can encourage healthy eating habits in their kids. As she explains:

In my cookbook, recipes that kids can make or participate in have a “K” coding. It gets them involved in the process, gives them a lot of pride, and is a great way to get them to eat better. I also encourage the idea of Home-Cooked Sundays. If we do a little bit on Sunday to get ourselves prepared for cooking all week, we stack the cards in favor of a healthy week. Buy your groceries, make the quinoa, prepare the kale. Peel carrots, onion, and garlic and store them in glass jars in the fridge. I love the idea of assigning members of the family different weekly tasks, then switching all the jobs for the next week. When you cook together, you model healthy habits. There’s no better place for amazing bonding time than in the kitchen. To cook, you need both hands. You can’t text with one hand and chop a carrot with the other.

Read: “The Family That Cooks Together…: PW Talks with Laurie David”

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Laurie & Kirstin on HuffPost Live

Yesterday, Laurie and Kirstin appeared live on HuffPost’s Third Metric, taking questions about the new book “The Family Cooks” and the importance of cooking at home.

Watch the full video above.

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Where Women Cook 2014


Kirstin is profiled in the Spring 2014 edition of Where Women Cook, where she shares stories of growing up on a beautiful fruit farm in Denmark, inspired by her mother and grandmother who “spread love and warmth from the stove.”

Kirstin also shares her thoughts on the importance of cooking healthy food at home:

“Sadly, as a country we are being convinced that we no longer have time to cook for each other and that it’s not important to eat together as a family. So families are eating food out of takeout containers, supermarket freezers, boxes, and vending machines. This food has been made only for profit, not to nourish us. It is filled with cheap ingredients, chemicals, salt, sugar, and not one lick of love. This food has made us sick — diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease are in every family. Until we get back into our kitchens and start cooking with real, fresh, wholesome ingredients — ingredients we can pronounce that grew from our earth — we won’t get better.”

Pick up Where Women Cook 2014. Also included in the issue are recipes from Kelsey Nixon of The Cooking Channel, stories from Virginia Willis, one of the “Seven Food Writers You Need to Know” according to The Chicago Tribune, and more.

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Announcing “The Family Cooks”


I am so pleased to announce that our follow-up to The Family Dinner, a new book entitled The Family Cooks, will be published this April. Kirstin and I worked up more than 100 recipes that are simple, fast, healthy, and designed to bring your children into the cooking process. Our goal was to demystify cooking and help you and your kids learn basic techniques, to make it easier for you create stress-free, healthy meals that will not only bring your family together but also help to fight the public health crises of diabetes and obesity.

As explored in director Stephanie Soechtig’s documentary film Fed Up, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (I was honored to serve as Executive Producer, along with Katie Couric), childhood obesity is a national epidemic. Generations of kids will now live shorter lives than their parents. But there is a simple solution: healthy, home-cooked meals.

Kirstin and I hope the new book will inspire you to cook at home more frequently, and get your family craving food that’s simple, tasty and incredibly good for you.

To learn more about the book, click here.

If you would like to pre-order The Family Cooks, it is available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Books-a-Million.

Thanks for your continuing support.

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Laurie David Chats with Eco-Chick


Laurie recently sat down with Lindsay Brown of Eco-Chick, as part of their Worldchanging Women series.

Check out the article “Laurie David Is Serious About Healthy Dinner: Heroines for the Planet” at

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