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How Family Meals and Sugar Ban Can Conquer Obesity

“One of the causes of the obesity epidemic is the fact that half of everything we are eating is being made outside our homes. When we don’t cook it ourselves we don’t really know what’s in it but you can bet that it probably has more sugar and more salt. Food you make at home and eat together around the table will always be healthier!”

Laurie sat down with to discuss the new film “Fed Up” and what we can do to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

Read ‘Fed Up’ producer explains how family meals and sugar ban can conquer obesity

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Sowing Seeds of Change


Laurie talked with the Vineyard Gazette recently about the need to change the conversation around health and food, and offered some advice. One easy tip: get your kids involved in the cooking.

“Even if you have them rip the herbs or stir or be your official taste-tester, that just engages kids in a way that not participating doesn’t.”

Read “Sowing Seeds of Change; On Screen, At the Dinner Table and On the Farm”

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Laurie and Kirstin Visit Katie Couric (Video)


Don’t think you have the time, money or energy to make family dinners work? Think again! Laurie and Kirstin share some quick & easy recipes for your family meals with Katie Couric. Watch the clip.

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Thanks to The Lunch Tray, CookBooks365 & Cool Mom Picks


We’re so grateful people are enjoying our new book “The Family Cooks” and we’d like to thank The Lunch Tray, CookBooks365, and CoolMomPicks for their recent kind words. Be sure to check out their great sites!

The Lunch Tray: “The Family Cooks is beautifully photographed and engagingly written in a casual, conversational tone. You feel as though your good friend has dropped over for a glass of wine during dinner prep and is sharing her favorite healthful recipes with you. … It’s a great new resource for experienced and novice cooks alike, and I can’t wait to start cooking from it!”

CookBooks365: “The Family Cooks is inclusive—it’s an invitation to cook more simply and to eat better food, with kids by your side, and to have some fun while you’re doing it. And the entire concept of family dinner owes a huge debt to Laurie David. Not only is she the biggest champion of eating together as a family, she even includes some sparky conversation tips in case you’re too pooped after a long day to think of your own.”

Cool Mom Picks: “Like all of the best cookbooks for families, The Family Cooks features recipes we would actually make, such as a Fruity Summer Porridge (delish, already tried), Roasted Cauliflower Popcorn (yum), and goldfish-shaped Seedy Crackers that the kiddos are sure to love. And of course, the stunning photos are beautiful to browse. Even the Quinoa Cakes make my mouth water and I don’t think of myself as the type of person who says that about things that aren’t chocolate.”

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Food Network Healthy Eats Interview with Laurie


Healthy Eats, the Food Networks’ healthy eating blog, recently chatted with Laurie, and shared the recipe for Roasted Cauliflower Popcorn from the new Family Cooks book.

Laurie shared a secret for getting kids to enjoy healthy food:

Get them involved and model healthy eating day after day. One of our primary jobs as parents is to teach our kids how to eat, and we’ve been outsourcing that job to corporations. Even little kids can help prepare meals — picking out colorful vegetables, ripping up parsley, stirring, setting the table. I am grateful that I figured this out in time to raise my kids this way. Now they crave healthy food. I feel good that I’ve armed my kids [who are now 18 and 20] to go into the world and pursue healthy eating.

Read “Bringing Back the Family Dinner, One Tasty Cauliflower Recipe at a Time” at

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