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Cookbooks365: 10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014


We’re honored Cooksbook365 have chosen “The Family Cooks” as one of their “10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014″. Their review of the book makes us smile:

“I love this cookbook for its stop overthinking it and just get cooking attitude. Cook with your kids, have fun doing it, then eat as a family and enjoy each other’s company! Any more questions? I find myself coming back to these recipes again and again, and I’m never disappointed (nor is my daughter, who would like the beans and toast every night, thank-you very much). Sometimes I page through just reading, with no plans of actually cooking, because the outright friendly tone makes me cheerful. It’s like spending time with my besties, and leaves a smile on my face every time.”

We’re also honored to be in such fine company, as the other cookbooks they selected are some of our favorites too. Of course we’d love it if you picked up extra copies of “The Family Cooks” for friends this holiday gift season, but no one can have too much inspiration in the kitchen.

Check out “10 Cookbooks That Changed the Way We Cooked in 2014″ from Cookbooks365.


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