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Laurie Chats with The Chalkboard


Laurie recently spoke with wellness and lifestyle site The Chalkboard about the documentary Fed Up and the dangers of sugar consumption:

“When I first learned the truth about sugar, I went through my cabinets and was surprised by how much added sugar was in products even I thought were healthy. One big change was rethinking breakfast. Goodbye cereal, hello avocado toast!  It is important to remember, however, that there is a safe threshold for sugar – for men it’s about nine teaspoons and for women it’s about six teaspoons.  And while we should save a sugary dessert for special occasions, we also don’t need to deprive ourselves – dessert can be delicious in-season fruit.”

Check out “Sugar, Sugar: An Interview with Laurie David On Her New Doc, Fed Up” at The Chalkboard.


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